This past Friday@5 was a special occasion with the Allsop, Bornstein and Hodge families providing and cooking some of the largest salmon fillets I have ever seen in person. The food was delicious and the crowd impressive. I’m not sure how many plates were served but the stack of 200 dishes were about gone. The price of the meal was a deal and all the funds went to youth sailings efforts to revitalize their fleet of dinghies. Thank you so much to all those that attended, helped prepare, serve and clean up. It was a great evening and thank you for the donation to the youth fleet.

Also on the menu was the auction of a cute Goldendoodle puppy that was introduced to the club that evening and auctioned online over the weekend. Puppy (still looking for names) was won by me, so we now have a Youth fleet mascot to see our kids off at the dock. Teresa Werner instigated the donation from Star View Kennels out of Mount Vernon and another $1250.00 is going towards the youth fleet…it’ll look like an Olympic training Center around here soon!

Good times

Mike Powell

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